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Did you know even famous authors work with professional editors to fine-tune their drafts? Most early drafts require skillful editing before they're publishable.

You want a reader to take in your entire article or book. Or you're hoping to get a publishing contract. So your final manuscript should be factually accurate, grammatically correct, and stylistically consistent. Your reader should follow your thoughts easily. I can help you get there with these services.

recording your words

I transcribe your digital audio recording into your choice of several digital file formats, giving you a great start for your manuscript. This service lets you skip the typing and focus on ideas and thoughts.

refining your work

Usually I mix substantive, line, and copy editing. That means:

  • revising the sequence and length of sentences or paragraphs to improve ease of reading
  • deleting off-topic or redundant content
  • checking or querying facts such as dates, names, and places
  • correcting obvious errors or omissions
  • correcting grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation
  • enforcing your style guide and creating your style sheet

I typically do three passes through your work. You'll receive a custom style sheet when I return your job. Please use it the next time you write for publication.

preparing for publication
This is a final check before your work is published. Proofreading catches whatever may have slipped through inadvertently, and most publishers prohibit or strongly discourage major changes during this step. This stage checks details that show up in typeset copy or page proofs, including typographic and layout issues, as well as spelling, punctuation, and obvious errors.

U.S. copyright registration
protecting your intellectual property
I offer two services to help you register your U.S. copyright. If you want to do some of the job yourself, I fill out the application and return it with instructions on finishing the submission. Or, if you prefer, I handle the whole process.

Whatever service you choose, my priority is supporting you in sharing your creative efforts with your readers. Please contact me if you're ready to make it happen!