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By: Linda | September 16, 2018

I recently had the pleasure of mentoring a student who’d be a great editor. He did the final pass of an article I’d edited and caught some little problems I’d missed. But he queried a grammatical point that surprised me; I’d always thought he knew this rule. Many developing writers struggle with this one, so I thought I’d give you a quick lesson. You’ll see that it’s easy.

editor revising a manuscript

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By: Linda | July 01, 2018

If you’re involved in a creative field and are good at what you do, eventually someone is going to ask you to work for free: something for nothing. They often say they can’t pay you, but it’s a great opportunity for exposure. But exposure doesn’t pay the bills. No, thanks.

Last month, I did a design project for free. My friend’s church produces an annual musical as a fundraiser and “ministry.” I think the term means that parishioners get to spend time together working toward a common goal and constructively using the gifts that God has given them. Anyway, she asked me to design panels for Beauty and the Beast sets. She wanted them to look like book covers and spines. I chose some titles that would have been known in 19th century France (t...

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By: Linda | April 27, 2018

Sometimes when opportunity knocks, you set out the welcome mat. And sometimes you point to your "no soliciting" sign and shut the door.

This week, I got an invitation to exhibit in a local art show. I declined, even though it seems like an excellent opportunity. It's a tough decision, but I'm not agonizing over it. The lead time is too short, and I already have enough going on. Preparing well would disrupt my plans and possibly short-change two clients to whom I'm already obligated.

And what would I gain from agreeing to throw together a last-minute effort? I have dozens of WIP (works in progress) that could fill out my little corner of an art show if I'd known I needed to finish them before next week. Probably I'd chose to do it fo...

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By: Linda | April 11, 2018

I’m writing this post after finishing a demanding freelance project. The client asked for a developmental edit. It’s not my forte, so I tried to decline. But what do you do when a great client insists? Since it’s not my strongest skill, it took much longer than expected. And that was OK with him, but I put in some late nights. (You guys already know I have a day job. I’m an editor and writer after hours.) And then I couldn't sleep when I finally went to bed.

Morris Shulman,
Morris Shulman, "The Writing Lesson," 1935–1943

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By: Linda | February 11, 2018

January web statistics graph
January website statistics

The weirdest thing happened last month. Visits to this website spiked. I had no idea what was going on. Yesterday, I had a sudden flash of logic. Maybe people wanted a 2018 version of the "Live for the Weekend" calendar I designed. A few people had expressed amusement about it, but I didn't expect that anyone would actually use it; it had been a playful joke. If you visited this website last month, hoping to get a new calendar, I'm sorry that I disappointed you. Please forgive my lack of awareness. I've rushed to update it. It has the same old look, and now that I know people want the calendar, I'll try for a more appealing layout next year.

The 2018 calendar download is on the new "Freebies" page. Have a great weekend!

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