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You know that old saying, "Don't quit your day job." It usually means your creative work doesn't pay the bills. To me, it means your creative passion happens after hours. Even so, you can share your knowledge and experience.

By publishing an article, a book, or a blog post, you can describe your work, a process, a technique, or historical context. Your readers gain a deeper understanding of your ideas and more respect for you. You can preserve an obscure technique that hardly anyone knows now or teach novices what you've learned over the years. Explain a new way you use materials or a design feature you've developed. Clients seek out your work if they know you better, and you build your professional reputation among your peers. Or maybe you're looking for a professional editor to review your grant package before you submit it. I can help you sound like an experienced author, even if you're not confident about your writing.

If I just described you, then you're exactly the kind of author whose writing I want to edit. You know, the kind who still works a day job and then goes home to paint, sculpt, or weld something amazing because it's such an important part of who they are. (I still work a day job, too. I edit after hours because I love connecting with creative people.)

about me

I'm Linda Stuckey. After college, I started editing at a trade magazine division of Macmillan. As an in-house editor, I developed skills in interviewing, research, writing, copyediting, page design, proofreading, and copyright registration. Currently I'm a health assistant in public schools as my day job.

Like you, I have a passion for creative endeavors, especially drawing and knitting. And I have experience in music, woodworking, crochet, sewing, painting, ceramics, graphic design, gardening, cooking, photography, and glassblowing. If your medium isn't on the list, we can still work together, and I'll learn a lot from you. (Oh, and baseball! I'd love to do a baseball project.)

guiding your writing to its finest form

I have worked with Linda for four years and have seen her exhibit a true dedication. She is enthusiastic, caring, and committed. She is both warm and sincere. I have been truly impressed with her energy and compassion. She is always willing to go "above and beyond" the call of duty and pitch in during hectic times. I highly recommend her.

B. L., educator and academic specialist

You really did an excellent job. You didn't just trim, you made lots of changes to make it read more smoothly and clearly; I'm impressed.
D. B., luthier and author

I just wanted to say you did an amazing job with this article. You were an absolute pleasure to do this with and I can't thank you enough for such a great job you did!
E. G., luthier and author

I want to thank you for all you did. I appreciate it tremendously. You do have a talent.

K. C., machinist

Linda works tirelessly with a great sense of humor and gets the work done. She always has a very positive attitude. Her integrity can be astounding. She is a compassionate person who listens and makes you feel important. I am amazed at her knowledge. She is very adaptable, and she has a great ability as a problem solver. If there is a problem, she can be a part of the solution. Her passion for making a difference is very evident. Linda is the kind of person whom I would hire in a minute to do any kind of job.

L. E., teacher

Linda's assistance is detailed and specific. She is good at catching things that most people don't and at creating a friendly atmosphere for working together as a team. Clear communicator, patient, flexible, trustworthy, kind.
L. T., counselor, energy healer, and minister

You are a miracle worker. AWESOME! I just want you to know how much you've helped. Thank you so much. We appreciate everything you have done.
M. H., educator

Superb job on the article you wrote. It's well-researched, clearly presented, information-dense, and includes credible references. You deserve many pats on the back. I didn't know that you shepherded the companion article too. You get mad respect for that effort as well.
R. M., engineer, luthier, and editor

Official declaration: Linda is AMAZING and I think I might love her more than my firstborn!! (Of course, she was joking.)
S. L., business owner and fashion designer

You have been a big help in getting me information and answers that I do not have time to do. I feel positive about the work you have done for us and appreciate your willingness to help us out.
S. H., business manager

My husband says you're Superwoman. He thinks you can do anything.
S. H., accountant (and wife of J.H., sales rep)